The common between your shoes, handbags and character …

Image: © Andrey Bandurenko / Fotolia

What are your favorite things complementing your appearance? A pair of women’s shoes can easily determine your character, here’s how:

If you are of the passionate fans of the high heels, it definitely means you love to be under the spotlight. You feel free and sexy, just like you look.


For the lovers of the shoes with a flat sole type “ballerina” we will say that they are very good, dear and they enjoy the little things in life. They are very sociable, but are not admirers of the sudden changes.


The ladies who like to wear moccasins have a clear purpose in life. Spontaneous, aloof and without the lack of male attention, they really like challenges.


The favorite platforms are worn by women who are firmly on the ground, but at the same time crush with charms.Domineering and secure in their relationships, these women are real furies.


The sports shoes are for girls who live to have fun. They have a great sense of humor and are not affected easily. They communicate without difficulty and are emotionally stable.


The awesome modern boots are preferred by the sensitive natures. They are smart, aloof, and the people who have managed to gain their trust, are of utmost importance to them.


We have reached to the other accessory that defines the essence of a lady. According to what kind of bags a girl buys, she reveals a part of herself.


For the ladies who love big massive models – these are the business women who need more space for their work.


The elegant models are inherent again for the business type of women, but those who know how to have fun. They are stylish and beautiful in the whirl of the dance.


The typical lady bags issue the vain character of their owner. These girls insist on their appearance and are able to perfectly match their accessories.


The purses are typical for the charming girls who only need money, their phone and keys.


The ordinary bag with handles is characteristic of the responsible and ordered women.


The good and diligent housewife you can recognize in that she carries her bag put to the elbow.


A model that a girl has caught for the ending, talks about the chaos around her, she is not tidy, but complies with the others.


A bag that the ladies wear on the shoulder issues their awesome character. She is shy, but with a sense of humor.Modest, loving the kind words and compliments, she is satisfied with her friends and life.




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