The ladies on heels earn more


The women, who bet on the ‘high’ dress code, are more secure and calm in their workplace.

Shoes with heels might be second nature to women, but that does not mean that we enjoy their presence constantly. As much as we love the high temptations we often prefer to replace them with low and comfortable theirs likenesses to feel more comfortable during the long workday.

“Low shoes are for those who give up. If a woman cannot wear heels, can she really take over the world?”

This question asks a businesswoman from Manhattan in the newspaper New York Times. And gives rise to a discussion that in turn leads to a study – what is the attitude of women to high shoes in the workplace.

It turns out that in the U.S. 45% of the fair sex have given up the beautiful shoes because they cause pain. 38% of the respondents did say that they put on heels, only when they are needed. And only 16% agree with the statement of the Manhattan businesswoman, stating that they “wear shoes that hurt them because the power is everything.”

Study cited by the site SheKnows, attracts more attention. According to it, tall people earn more money per year. According to the survey, “every inch equals 789 dollars more per year, regardless of sex, weight and age. 6 inches more, for example, mean 4,734 dollars higher salary.”


On what are based these interesting statements? 


According to psychologists, tall people develop leadership skills yet from children because they look larger than their peers. Moreover, it is no surprise that the impressive growth gives confidence and a sense of superiority over others. Therefore, on a subconscious level, the gifted with height personalities seek more grandstanding and career heights.

What is the conclusion? If you are not with a natural height above 170 cm, for example, you can always obtain them artificially. With a pair of beautiful high heels suitable for your official dress code, of course.


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