The shoes – how to choose, protection from leakage of water, washing and drying of shoes. Part 1

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It is winter and the shoes are one of the most important things in the winter. We use them all day long! We tread on them, wet them, and skate with them (sometimes unwillingly)… Here are some tips on how to keep them healthy and good looking…

Important tips for the maintenance of the shoes

To make a good impression, we should always try our shoes to be shined and in good condition.

The first time:

– NEVER put on shoes for the first time on a long hike / walk, no matter what brand and model they are! Walk them a few days for a couple of hours at home or outwards to not get blisters. The shoes should adjust to your foot, not the opposite!

Bad odor:

– When shod barefoot the shoes may start to smell. So you should avoid putting them on and necessarily to put socks.

– Periodically clean or replace the insoles.

– Shoes should be ventilated.

– To protect your shoes from the unpleasant odor, use a special deodorant or powder.

– Keep the shoes at room temperature in a dry and ventilated place.

Humidity, rain and snow:

– Use the shoes according to the season, the weather outside and their designation.

– The shoes on which there is no label “water resistant” (Gore-Tex, waterproof) may fail in rainy weather. Wet shoes should be maintained according to the instructions for maintenance.

– If your shoes leak moisture, you can try to impregnate them at home in order to make them resistant to moisture, water and snow.

Cleaning, washing and drying:

– Regularly clean your shoes. It is best to wash or brush them after each wearing in order to not lose their freshness and overall appearance of the surface.

– Before washing the shoes, make sure that the materials from which they are made ​​allow washing.

– Before washing, always clean the shoes from mud and separate the laces. Wash separately the laces from the shoes.

– Do not machine wash! Do not bleach!

– Dirty leather shoes from natural or artificial leather should be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap.

– If the shoes are wet, they should be wiped with a dry cloth and left to dry at room temperature.

– The shoes from nubuck or suede are brushed with a special brush or tool for cleaning suede.

– Do not dry forcibly (heating, sun or other source of direct heat). The shoes are likely to come off, leak water and the guarantee be dropped! The leather, for example gets too dry, which makes it look older and more worn out.

– Most appropriate for the wet shoes is to be dried at room temperature.

– The shoes should not be kept moist.

– Provide a ventilated place for your shoes.

– Avoid direct contact with seawater and prolonged stay in the sun.


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