Where and how to store the winter clothes and shoes?

Image: © RPM / Fotolia

In the spring and summer, our winter items are usually stored under the mattress of the bedroom, the wardrobes in the corridor and the warehouse, or at the bottom of the cabinet, which we rarely open. But all these places hold moisture that spoils the qualities of the clothes and shoes and we sometimes can no longer use them. Therefore, before being stored safely, they must be clean and dry.


Wrap them in cloth rather than plastic bags because they can get brewed and may get the smell of mold. In addition, the winter clothes are quickly crushed and lose their good looks.

Fur coats, leather coats, jackets and other similar clothes store in bags of gauze or cotton cloth. Put them in the wardrobe so that there is space between them and occasionally ventilate them. Their leather is preserved best in a low temperature not exceeding 15-18 ºC (ideally 7 ºC).



To protect them from moths and to give them a pleasant smell, put various oils near the clothes: lavender, mint or lemon.


In the hoods or pockets of coats and trousers, you can place small cloth bags with dried lavender.


The boots are best stored in boxes where you can put some paper, salt or baking soda to absorb the moisture. It is good before that to smear them with a natural wax or glycerin.


To clean the leather jackets and coats, before storing them, turn them upside down and with a damp brush, remove the dust and the hairs from them. Then wait for them to dry completely.


The hats must also be filled with paper and kept in boxes until the next winter.


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